Earth • People • Words Short Film

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Earth • People • Words

Poetry holds humanity together. It is story-intelligence—how to listen, how to say, how to hold space for silence in between. A recognition of the earth as source of word and body, poetry holds power to move us through. It is breath. It is song. It is truth-holding when we are writing into it, opening ourselves to its wisdom. It is listening and speaking at once, held to parameters of balance and scale. Poetry is not new to the conversation of climate or human rights. It is the vessel that always has held, and continues to hold, Earth, People, and Words in unity and balance. Unbreakable by the paradoxes and anomalies that other disciplines struggle to accommodate, Poetry’s archaic techniques offer thought structures holding oneness, where everyone belongs, where all life is sacred. It is not new to the conversation. It has always been the conversation. This film is not about poetry coming to us. We are now coming to poetry.

Featuring Joy Harjo, Elizabeth Bradfield, Sean Hill, and Laura Hope-Gill.


Director: Dayna Reggero
Executive Producer: Laura Hope-Gill
Editor: Polly Schattel
Art: Shannon Bodeau

Climate Stories Documentary Short Film

by Climate Listening Project with Asheville Wordfest


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