About Climate Listening Project

What’s your climate story?

The Climate Listening Project is an award-winning collaborative film and storytelling effort from Dayna Reggero to connect and share hopeful conversations on climate change impacts and community solutions. We partner with nonprofit organizations and groups to help share the stories that need to be heard. We have created short films, documentaries, branded content, virtual reality films, animated videos, motion graphic videos, hand-painted portrait series, podcast series, experiential events, and more. We collaborate with diverse creatives to create unique and inspiring art and experiences with passion and intention.

Since 2014, we’ve traveled across the United States and around the world to explore the connections that are important to each of us: family, faith, business, community; weaving together the latest science with inspiring stories from around the globe. We’re not trying to convince anyone that climate change is real, we’re just listening to the real people who are impacted by climate change and the real people creating climate solutions. The Climate Listening Project not only focuses on our changing climate, but how we are changing as individuals, listening to our own realities, overcoming our fears and stereotypes, healing ourselves, and allowing ourselves to be our whole selves. Real change is not just about acknowledging and adapting to our changing weather – it is about changing our political climate, social climate, inclusion climate, and economic climate. We all have unique and important stories, contributions, experiences, and perspectives as we listen, learn, change, and grow. The Climate Listening Project shares these stories – your stories – our stories.

The Climate Listening Project works creatively with organizations and networks to cultivate and share unique stories and experiences through video, film, press, campaigns, events, and connections. Read our Reviews and Testimonials to learn more.

We collaborate with local, national, and international organizations, individuals and businesses to listen to the stories that need to be heard. Collaborators include Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), National Audubon Society, and Moms Clean Air Force, to name a few. Check them out on our Collaborators page.

You can find Climate Listening Project stories and resources via hundreds of places including Woman’s Day Magazine, Salon, ABC, iHeartRadio, Univision, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Governing Magazine, and The Atlantic. Check out our Press page to read all about it.

Our films and videos have screened at local events, conferences, and film festivals around the globe from Wake Forest University in North Carolina to the Stockholm Resilience Center in Sweden. Our Faith vignette was shared with 4,000 churches across America; Cultivating Resilience films were screened at the International Paris Climate Talks; and our Wood Thrush Connection film is now an elementary school curriculum. Visit our Events page to see past events or attend an upcoming event.

Our advisers include top thought leaders from various communities. Plus, we’ve hired more than 40 diverse videographers, photographers, and creatives. See who’s who on our Team and Advisers page.

The Climate Listening Project has reached more than 10 million people through press, social media and events. Connect with us on Facebook to keep up with what’s new.

Our collaborative videos, films and tools continue to be used again and again by organizations and in communities to start or accelerate hopeful climate conversations.

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