“The women featured in [The Story We Want: a five part series] were united in their efforts to protect their children and their communities, to speak truth to power, and to demand action; like mama bears, they never back down. Dayna and the Listening Project help us really hear these women, as the videos empower us and fill us with inspiration and hope. These women show us that, often against all odds, through hard work and determination we can, and will, succeed.”


“When Dayna Reggero is in the room, everybody’s laughing, everybody’s smiling, intoxicated by the tiny woman who is brimming over with bubbly. An environmental filmmaker, Reggero has that edge of drama and passion that spills into the work she loves.”

Asheville Citizen Times

“Hearing stories and learning to tell our own is the best way to engage on climate change and cultivate resilience.” … “What kind of story are we telling? Is it one that people want to be a part of? And if not, how can we reshape that narrative to make it more inviting and focused on the positives and commonalities between us in the issues presented to us by climate change?”

Wake Forest University

“It’s freedom of speech that is the essence behind the Climate Listening Project. Giving people the permission and space to fully explore how climate change affects them — from their farm fields to their faith — and what inspires them to take action makes the conversation more accessible and tangible for everyone.”

“Talking about the climate issues and challenges we face is the first step in developing strategies and tools for resilience in our communities, sustainable business models and adapting to the changes we can see coming.”

Our Southern Community Radio

“A very effective and immediate way to display climate change on a local and personal level.”

“I’m inspired by this new Climate Listening Project and such a fan of Dayna Reggero’s work. It celebrates life and our beautiful piece of the planet, looks the reality of climate change in the eye and brings tremendous, refreshing hope through human stories of innovation and resilience.”

Joshua Martin Environmental Paper Network

“Aesthetically, artistically, coherently … just beautiful storytelling.”

Climate Scientist NOAA
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