Voices of Hope for Forests: Global Climate Photo Series

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“Voices of Hope for Forests”

This new photo series features humans of the world – all working together to protect forests and communities as part of the Environmental Paper Network. The recent IPCC climate report shares a grim forecast for the future of humanity, but these individuals are undeterred, and are bringing forward collaboration and solutions that deliver the forest protection and restoration needed to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Why are they building an international movement to match the scale of the problem? What are the sources of inspiration that sustain them? Is there hope?  The Climate Listening Project hopes these stories inspire you and others to find the strength and actions to participate in the global cooperation that humanity needs right now.

View the full photo series with quotes and solutions. 


Director & Photographer: Dayna Reggero, Climate Listening Project

Adviser: Joshua Martin, Environmental Paper Network



Amy Moas, Greenpeace, USA

Andrey Laletin, Friends of the Siberian Forests, Russia

António Francisco Geraldo Gaveta, Academic Action for the Development of Rural Communities, Mozambique

Beth Porter, Green America, USA

Cecilia Alcoreza, WWF, Bolivia & USA

Joshua Axelrod, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), USA

Monika Nolle, ARA, Germany

Neva Murtha, Canopy, Canada

Peg Putt, Australian Forests & Climate Alliance, Tasmania

Richard Wainwright, Fern, England

Wen Bo, China Environmental Paper Network, China

Woro Supartinah, IFP (International Focal Point) Jikalahari, Indonesia

Yong Rong, Greenpeace East Asia, China


View the Full Series : Voices of Hope for Forests