The Story We Want episode 5

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The Story We Want

a five part documentary series

Dayna Reggero and the Climate Listening Project traveled across America with Moms Clean Air Force to meet with women who are working together to protect their families and communities. They listened to ordinary women—unsung heroes— confronting fossil fuel industries, climate change impacts, and a culture of extraction. These individuals are doing research, planting seeds of hope, and inspiring people across the country to share their stories, take action, and find solutions. The goal for the series is to connect audiences to inspirational moms across this country who challenge us all to join the chorus fighting for a better today and a healthy tomorrow.

We visited eight states: California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. From oil and gas operations in southwest Pennsylvania to the disastrous natural gas blowout in California, from toxic coal ash ponds in North Carolina to sea level rise in south Florida, and the extensive fossil fuel infrastructure in Native American communities across New Mexico, the courageous moms featured share personal stories of the real-life impacts of pollution and climate change on their families. These American stories demonstrate the new day-to-day reality for many moms across the United States – women who are talking mom to mom, researching and sharing information, participating in events, educating and empowering youth, and holding their elected officials accountable.


Chapter 5

Reality: The Power of Now



Flooding in the Sunshine: Ways that South Florida Residents are Fighting the Current Together

In Florida, we heard from women who are living with the realities of climate change. Karina has concerns for her family, friends and community as they deal with the very real impact sea level rise is having on Miami right now. She is working on solutions with women across the region, like the Moms Clean Air Force and Caroline Lewis of the CLEO Institute, to drive climate change action through engagement and education.

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Director: Dayna Reggero
Director of Photography: Adams Wood
Editor: Francine Cavanaugh
Adviser: Gretchen Dahlkemper
California Second Cinematographer: Jen White
Florida Second Camera: Giovanna Arguello
North Carolina Second Camera: Steve Milligan
Producer: Moms Clean Air Force

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