The Story We Want: a five part series: New Mexico

“The Story We Want: a five part series”

New Mexico 

“Fortitude: The Power of Past and Future”

Surviving the Pipelines: How Native Women in New Mexico Are Standing Together

We visited New Mexico to hear from Native American women who are living with the realities of a culture of extraction. Kendra has concerns for her family as they deal with the very real impact the oil and gas industry is having on her community right now. She is working on solutions with people across the region to drive hopeful new conversations about solutions that work for the people, the land, the air and the water.


People assume that these well sites or these plants are built middle of nowhere and middle of the desert,

okay that might be true, but there’s also people who live in that community, who have been living there…

What we’re doing and how we live out here should be protected,

it should, not necessarily to stay the same,

but it shouldn’t have to involve more pipelines.

– Kendra

250 billion gallons of water in the U.S. was used for fracking operations in the past ten years.




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New Mexico