The Story We Want: a five part series: Pennsylvania

Carry On

The Power of Not Being Silenced

Why Moms Who Were Not Activists Are Taking Action

We visited Pennsylvania to hear from women who are living with fracking by their schools and in their neighborhoods. Patrice has concerns for her children as they deal with the very real impact fracking is having on the health of their communities right now. She is working with women across the region, talking mom to mom, sharing resources, finding peer-reviewed research, running for elected offices, and taking action.


I'm a mom.

In the past, you know, I was aware of environmental issues, climate change, I was aware of fracking.

Then whenever it comes in your backyard,

that is reality.

- Patrice

11,500+ schools in the U.S. are within ½ mile of active oil and gas wells and infrastructure.




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