The Story We Want: a five part series: California

"The Story We Want: a five part series"


"Resilience: The Power of Community"

Blowout in the Suburbs: How Moms in California are Holding on to Hope

It’s been over a year since the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak occurred. We visited California to hear from women who are living with the lingering impacts and realities of that disaster. Nancy has concerns for her family, friends and community as they deal with the very real impact the nation's largest methane blowout at a gas facility is having on the health of her community right now. She is working on solutions with women across the region, like Jennifer and the Moms Clean Air Force, to drive talk mom to mom, share resources on social media, connect with their elected officials and work together to protect their children's health.

12+ million people in the U.S. live with oil and gas operations in their communities.



I am hopeful.

I'm hopeful for our youth... 

We have solutions.

We have choices.

 - Nancy




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