Food and Farming

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Producer: Dayna Reggero
Editor: Andrea Desky, K23 Media
Adviser: Laura Lengnick, Scientist, Cultivating Resilience
Videographers: Andrea Desky, K23 Media and David Allen, Paul Lewis Anderson
Behind-the-Scenes Photography: Andrea Desky, Dayna Reggero, David Allen, Paul Lewis Anderson
Collaborator: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Will Harris, White Oak Pastures (GA)
Ken Dawson, Maple Spring Gardens (NC)
Tom Trantham, Happy Cow Creamery (SC)
Laura Lengnick, Author of Resilient Agriculture (New Society Publishers)
Sarah Wiener, USDA SE Regional Climate Hub
Bryan Welch, B the Change Media, formerly Mother Earth News Magazine and Ogden Publications
Mother Earth News Fair
Dayna Reggero, Climate Listening Project