Building Climate Hope at Home

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Director: Dayna Reggero, Climate Listening Project

Adviser: Cari Barcas, Community Engagement Director, Green Built Alliance
Director of Photography: Kira Bursky
Cinematographer, Audio, Editing: Robert Gowan
Voice Over Sound Recording: Randy Houston
Producer: Green Built Alliance

Sam Ruark-Eastes, Green Built Alliance
Maggie Leslie, Green Built Alliance
Sophie Min Mullinax, Blue Horizons Project
Jonathan Gach, Blue Horizons Project
Brad Rouse, Energy Savers Network
Joseph Hackett, Green Opportunities
Paul Reeves, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity
Robin Cape, Town and Mountain Realty
Matthew Menne, Isaac Dickson Elementary School PTO
Leigha Dickens, Deltec Homes
Steve Linton, Deltec Homes
Stephens Smith Farrell Architecture
Mary Love, Love The Green
Sundance Power Systems
Vandemusser Design, PLLC
Jamie Shelton, Blue Ridge Energy Systems
Asheville & Western North Carolina