“First-time filmmaker Dayna Reggero winning Best Short Documentary for The Wood Thrush Connection, a delightful story about the migratory path of this beloved songbird.”


“Watch “Dayna Reggero’s ‘The Story We Want’ if you need some straight from the heart, intelligent, inspiring, and simply beautiful storytelling.”

Laura Lengnick, Scientist

“There is no one whose work I admire more than that of Dayna Reggero’s filmmaking. The positive vision in her stories inspires both action and contemplation at the same time!”

Mallory McDuff, Writer

“It’s freedom of speech that is the essence behind the Climate Listening Project. Giving people the permission and space to fully explore how climate change affects them — from their farm fields to their faith — and what inspires them to take action makes the conversation more accessible and tangible for everyone.”

“A very effective and immediate way to display climate change on a local and personal level.”

“I’m inspired by this new Climate Listening Project and such a fan of Dayna Reggero’s work. It celebrates life and our beautiful piece of the planet, looks the reality of climate change in the eye and brings tremendous, refreshing hope through human stories of innovation and resilience.”

Joshua Martin Environmental Paper Network

“Aesthetically, artistically, coherently … just beautiful storytelling.”

Climate Scientist NOAA