Students and Climate

We're collaborating with schools and students to accelerate climate listening across America and around the world. As part of a Climate Stories project, Climate Listening Project director Dayna Reggero presented to college students at Appalachian State University who are listening and creating multi-media presentations as 50% of their Sustainable Development Program grade. One biology/art student at the University of North Carolina created a listening project as part of their McCullough Fellowship, creating portraits and listening to stories for a Climate Listening Project Portraiture Series "From the Same Soil". In collaboration with National Audubon Society, North Carolina Audubon, and Forsyth Audubon, fourth graders in elementary schools across North Carolina are listening, watching our film "The Wood Thrush Connection", and incorporating climate listening curriculum into their classrooms with take-home climate actions. One student at The Rainbow School created a listening project as her sixth grade entrepreneurship project, raising $400 to send to the Cloud Forest School in Central America. Plus, 90 ninth graders in high school at the Franklin School of Innovation are listening and creating "Small Actions Big Changes" podcasts as part of an intensive long-term interdisciplinary learning expedition.


Listen to all the Franklin School of Innovation student Climate Listening Project podcasts via Anchor here.


See and listen to all the From the Same Soil portraits and stories by student Shannon Bodeau here.


Learn more. Take action. Share stories.


From "Communicating Science with Stories" to film screenings and workshops on climate listening, Climate Listening Project director Dayna Reggero tours colleges and universities. Past events include Wake Forest University, University of Montana, and University of West Florida, among others. We can also create custom listening projects or curriculums for elementary, middle, high, and secondary schools. Connect to book a climate speaker.


Take part locally in the global school strike through Fridays for Future, get involved in your local Sunrise Movement hub, or find a local organization that matches us with your passions - if you are passionate about STEM, arts, social justice, travel, outdoors - there's a group out there waiting for you to engage and lead. Search google and insta to find your peeps or connect with us and we'll help.


The number one thing grown ups can do is support young people through listening. Plus, engage with Our Kids Climate partner organizations with other parents and grandparents working on climate solutions or find a local member of the US Climate Action Network near you to find your passion and get in where you fit in!