Climate Listening Project Reviews

“Since 2014, filmmaker Dayna Reggero, 37, has used her camera to expose the effects that climate change has on people all over the world. Despite the sometimes grim topics she covers, Dayna and her subjects remain hopeful.”
Hendley, Badcock, Woman’s Day Magazine

“Showing great visual storytelling instincts, director Dayna Reggero follows the bird and its fans. It is especially the enthusiasm, love and respect Reggero shows for her subjects that makes us look forward to her next projects.”
Judges, Best Short Documentary, “Wood Thrush Connection”, Belize International Film Festival

“By trade, Dayna Reggero is an environmentalist. Her work spans over two decades and ranges from filmmaking to beginning her career as a spokesperson. However, her most skilled work might come in the form of organizing conversations, or simply starting them. As I return home and crack open my notes, I notice the word “cherish” has been written several times throughout the pages of dialogue I transcribed. And simply put, that has to be the best way to describe Reggero. She cherishes everyone, everything, and if you’re lucky enough to spend time with her, you too will cherish that.”
Lauryn Higgins, Salon

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been telling people in scicomm about the importance of storytelling and using you as an example (in case your ears were burning) keep up the great work!”
Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist

“Dayna understands that the world needs many more podcasts, films, projects, books, art and other cultural projects to help us tell the story that we are living through the climate era. She is someone who has been been working for years to build up this important area of work. I’m proud to collaborate with her and also call her my friend.”
Jill Kubit, DearTomorrow

“When Dayna Reggero is in the room, everybody’s laughing, everybody’s smiling, intoxicated by the tiny woman who is brimming over with bubbly. An environmental filmmaker, Reggero has that edge of drama and passion that spills into the work she loves.”
Karen Chavez, Asheville Citizen Times

“There is no one whose work I admire more than that of Dayna Reggero’s filmmaking. The positive vision in her stories inspires both action and contemplation at the same time!”
Mallory McDuff, Writer

“I’m inspired by this new Climate Listening Project and such a fan of Dayna Reggero’s work. It celebrates life and our beautiful piece of the planet, looks the reality of climate change in the eye and brings tremendous, refreshing hope through human stories of innovation and resilience.”
Joshua Martin, Director, Environmental Paper Network

“Watch “Dayna Reggero’s ‘The Story We Want’ if you need some straight from the heart, intelligent, inspiring, and simply beautiful storytelling.”
Laura Lengnick, Scientist, Cultivating Resilience

“With such a clear passion for engaging people to protect the environment and create a better world, Dayna is truly a joy to work with. Her optimism and positive outlook are infectious!”?
Kelly Martin, Sierra Club

“The women featured in [The Story We Want: a five part series] were united in their efforts to protect their children and their communities, to speak truth to power, and to demand action; like mama bears, they never back down. Dayna and the Listening Project help us really hear these women, as the videos empower us and fill us with inspiration and hope. These women show us that, often against all odds, through hard work and determination we can, and will, succeed.”

“Aesthetically, artistically, coherently … just beautiful storytelling.”
Deke Arndt, Climate Scientist

“A very effective and immediate way to display climate change on a local and personal level.”

“Dayna’s global reach in sustainability is grounded in her complete and unstoppable dedication to doing good for 100% of people, planet and prosperity at all times. She has exceptional instincts for bringing together the right people at the right time and generally makes magic happen. Love working with Dayna!”?
Sara Day Evans, Accelerating Appalachia

“It was so inspiring and powerful to learn about how women are taking steps in their communities to protect their families and are finding ways to make a difference in the fight against pollution from fossil fuels.”
Capital Group Sierra Club

“Powerful film! Representatives from 6 faith traditions were moved tonight by your stories. We loved it. Thank you.”
Creation Care Alliance

“Talking about the climate issues and challenges we face is the first step in developing strategies and tools for resilience in our communities, sustainable business models and adapting to the changes we can see coming.”
Our Southern Community Radio

“It’s freedom of speech that is the essence behind the Climate Listening Project. Giving people the permission and space to fully explore how climate change affects them — from their farm fields to their faith — and what inspires them to take action makes the conversation more accessible and tangible for everyone.”

“Hearing stories and learning to tell our own is the best way to engage on climate change and cultivate resilience.” … “What kind of story are we telling? Is it one that people want to be a part of? And if not, how can we reshape that narrative to make it more inviting and focused on the positives and commonalities between us in the issues presented to us by climate change?”
Students, Wake Forest University

“A long time environmentalist who began a climate listening project four years ago… Reggero’s The Wood Thrush Connection documents a recent geotagging project which led to an incredible discovery about the Wood Thrush’s migratory path from North Carolina to Belize, capturing the intercontinental efforts between the Belize and North Carolina Audubon Societies to protect this bird amid a changing climate.”
Gill Pringle, Alliance of Women Film Journalists

“First-time filmmaker Dayna Reggero winning Best Short Documentary for The Wood Thrush Connection, a delightful story about the migratory path of this beloved songbird.”
Gill Pringle, FilmInk

“It’s important for me to not only work with good workers but also good people. Dayna is definitely one of those! She’s committed to quality and what’s best for the planet, putting those needs before her own. It’s a rare find.”?
Jerry James Stone, Discovery Communications

“Dayna is real pro both as a specialist and an adroit generalist in addition to being a genuinely great human being.”
Mack Pearsall, Founder, The Collider

“Having worked closely with Dayna Reggero for many years, I can say without reservation that she is one of the top professionals in her field.”
Dr. Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange Founder