Speaking of Travel + Climate Listening Project Podcast Series

How is climate change impacting places we love to travel? *Places people also call home. Speaking of Travel Podcast host Marilyn Ball and Climate Listening Project director Dayna Reggero invite experts and travelers to talk about how we all can work together for the places we love. 


Speaking of Climate

Episode 1: Meet Dayna Reggero of the Climate Listening Project and Marilyn Ball, host of Speaking of Travel, as they kick off their new podcast series focused on sustainable travel and eco tourism.

Sustainable Travel

Hurricane scientist Paula Hennon joins us with special guests to talk climate change impacts, sustainable travel, and ways we can work together to protect the places we love to visit and call home.


Scientist Laura Lengnick of Cultivating Resilience joins us to discuss agritourism and how farmers & consumers are working together to cultivate resilience in the United States and around the world.

Birding Tourism

Kim Brand and Tom Tribble of Audubon join us to discuss the Wood Thrush migration from North Carolina to Belize and how migratory birds are an important global climate change connector.

Travel Stories

Laura Hope-Gill of Wordfest joins us to discuss geopoetics, the importance of the stories we tell about the places we travel, and the ways we connect around the earth through the stories we share.

Green Travel Tips

Sam Ruark-Eastes of the Green Built Alliance joins us to discuss green travel tips, carbon offsetting, what tourism destinations can do to go green, and positive impacts of sustainable travel.  

Bee-Safe Travel

Phyllis Stiles of Bee City USA and Carl Chesick of Center for Honeybee Research join us to discuss pollinator-friendly travel, importance of diverse natural areas, and the food connection.

Exploring Forests

Rev. Leo Woodberry & Rita Frost of Dogwood Alliance join us to talk traveling to natural places, how forests protect us from climate impacts, and how we can preserve forests we love.


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Speaking of Travel offers speaking opportunities tailored to your special event, group, or conference. Through interactive workshops and public lectures, Climate Listening Project director Dayna Reggero and travel expert Marilyn Ball engage your group in a conversation on sustainable travel and ecotourism.


Climate Listening Project director Dayna Reggero and Speaking of Travel host Marilyn Ball would love to join you at your destination or event to record podcasts or capture videos to share and help tell your stories far and wide.


Listen to more Speaking of Travel episodes weekly hosted by Marilyn Ball with special guests including travel bloggers, tourism destinations, and so much more.